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Bollards New York

Looking around at noticeable landmarks, such as the Empire State Building, the Chrysler Building, Central Park, Battery Park, the Museum of Natural History, and other facilities across New York, the bollard is a common site. Bollards are typically designed to blend in with their environment or be very visible when necessary.  Entry and exit points are the most noticeable locations but there are other areas where they become more less observed.  Some baseball stadiums have big baseballs at their entries, whereas government buildings have silver bollards or concrete walls for protection.  Bollards New York.  The need for bollards as part of the physical security plan for buildings, public areas, sports arenas, etc. has become integral. 

What are Bollards? Bollards are visible barriers made of steel-pipe posts from structural grade steel and concrete reinforcement.  Bollards come in two basic types high speed, for high-impact vehicle intrusions, and low speed, for lower speed traffic control needs.  In New York, the need for both is very high.  Entrances to buildings and other areas deemed highly vulnerable to vehicle intrusions and terrorist activity are required to install high speed bollards. 

New York Bollards – Design and Installation

Bollard design installation requires many things to be considered including pedestrian zones, traffic management, safety and security, or asset protection.  What are the bollards primary function?  What is your budget? What materials are optimal for the climate and function? For operation, do the bollards need to be removable, retractable, or permanent landscape fixtures? Are you placing them at entry and vulnerable points that if struck by vehicles, should they bend, shatter, cause damage, or stop the vehicle? How will your bollards fit in with the landscape or architecture? All these aspects go into to consideration for your New York bollard design and installation

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BBRSS is the premier designer and installer of bollards, in New York, for every situation.  Whether you need low-speed, high-speed, fixed, removable, or operable bollards, we have the products you need and the experts to make sure the bollards work with your physical security plan.  Contact BBRSS today at (800)367-0387 or fill out our quick and easy contact form.  Protect your building, facility, or public location with high quality bollards from the New York experts!

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