Navigation Lighting for Bridges

BBRSS – Roadway offers the solutions required for navigation lighting for bridges. Our navigation lighting products are specifically designed to meet all requirements set forth by government entities.  Our products can be customized to client specification. Our bridge lighting solutions have been tested and certified to provide accurate, dependable, and reliable service.

BBRSS – Roadway is recognized as the bridge lighting provider allowing for traffic management, structure awareness, and marine navigation.  Every BBRSS lighting product is designed for a specific operation dependent upon bridge type and expected navigational light location.  Pedestals are often needed for upright installations or a swing arm mount for mounting below the bridge structure.

Every BBRSS product and solution meet U.S. Coast Guard regulation.  Regulations governing the marking for safe passage, channels and obstructions of bridges over navigable waters.  Every bridge is different, and the navigational lighting required must be examined by an expert, such as BBRSS.  Our amazing expert team is ready to help.  Call us today to review the products available for your bridge navigation lighting project. (800)367-0387