Managed Lane /HOV

More and more today, Departments of Transportation are implementing two types of traffic management systems, the managed lane and HOV.  A managed lane, according to the Federal Highway Administration, are lanes designated on a highway where operational strategies are proactively implemented and managed in response to changing conditions.  Managed lanes are typically categorized into three main groups: access control, vehicle eligibility, and pricing.  Access control is normally express lanes and reversible lanes. Pricing is often associated with toll roads and lanes. The final category and the one requiring traffic management products is the HOV or High Occupancy Vehicle Lane.

Active control of traffic flow allows for congestion reduction and more normal traffic speeds.  Lanes can be adjusted as part of an overall strategy to maximize roadway efficiency, improving traffic flow on both the managed and general-purpose lanes.  BBRSS – Roadway is fully aware of the need to provide products to make managed lanes and HOV work as intended.  We have taken all aspects of this application into consideration and designed products accordingly.  We work directly with state transportation departments and traffic companies to custom design system as needed. 

Do you have traffic management situation that may include a managed lane or HOV?

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