LXL Series Troubleshooting Guide

The table below provides guidance on identifying and correcting any problems with your LXL Series gate operator. Please refer to the HPU O&M manual for more detailed troubleshooting guides referring to the pumping unit. If you encounter problems that you cannot fix, contact B&B ARMR and we will gladly work with you to correct them.

Gate operator does not respond when commanded1. Check CONN 9 for power when command is given.
2. Check overload protector.
3. Check PLC output.
4. Check that safeties are clear, and that IR Beams are aligned.
5. Check PLC input.
Gate operator drives the gate in the incorrect direction1. Refer to step 4.9 of Installing and Programming the LXL Operator for setting the handing.
2. Refer to step 4.4 of Installing and Programming the LXL Operator to check for correct installation of the Limit Switch Plates.
Operator drives gate too slowly.1. Check for any binding of the gate.
2. Check for slippage of the drive wheels.
3. Check the fluid level in the reservoir.
Date and time flash on the PLC1. Refer to step 4.10 of Installing and Programming the LXL Operator for setting the date and time.
Gate does not stop automatically when encountering an obstacle1. Refer to step 4.14 of Installing and Programming the LXL Operator for setting the Inherent Safety.
2. Check for system pressure on Inherent Safety screen of the PLC, if no reading is evident while gate is running suspect a faulty pressure transducer.
Operator drive wheels slip on gate and gate does not move1. Check for binding by disengaging the drive wheels, and ensuring that the gate rides smoothly manually.
2. Check the tension of the drive wheels, adjust as needed.
3. Check for any water or precipitation on the drive rail.
Fuses are blowing1. Check for incorrect incoming power to the LXL board
2. Ensure all external devices are sending the correct voltage to the LXL board, and that there are no shorts