Low Speed Bollards or Low-Speed Impact Protection Bollards

The protection, of commercial, private, public, or government property, and safety assurances thereof, is of the utmost priority and can be as unpretentious as installing low speed bollards and incorporating them into overall security. Low speed bollards are designed with the intent to prevent damage caused by vehicle collisions. Collisions that could cause the most damage if they were to occur in vital areas.  Vital areas within your facility, such as pedestrian pathways and building access points without gates.  Constructed of durable stainless steel, low speed bollards are specifically designed to assist in the prevention of vehicles gaining access to an area. BBRSS is the industry leader in low speed bollards and have a wide choice of designs to choose from, which makes it easy to secure your area in the most ideal way.

What are the uses of low speed bollards?

Again, low speed bollards are designed for protection and that can apply to a multitude space.  Low speed bollards can be used to designate an area specifically for pedestrians and cyclists.  Ideally protecting them from motorized vehicles.   Entrances to paths between buildings, protection for vital outdoor equipment located near high vehicle traffic.  The area your trying to secure will dictate the level of protection needed and whether low speed bollards will be strong enough.

Low speed bollards are designed for areas that do not require the impact capability needed for high speed traffic protection.  More Specifically, how do low speed bollards protect?  Parking lots are a good example.  The speed of vehicle traffic is relatively slow, thus low speed bollards can be installed where the parking lot meets landscaping, whereas crosswalks and entries may require high impact bollards.  The general idea is an out of control vehicle can be slowed down before it causes any significant damage or injuries. Some other possible uses:

  • Traffic Control
  • Illumination of Dark Areas
  • Vehicle Tire Deflection
  • Driver Safety especially during Racing Events
  • Access Control
  • Historic Site Preservation

Bollards come in many varieties, but when choosing keep in mind your specific needs and where the bollards will be installed.  BBRSS has a team of experts ready to assist in finding the ideal security bollard for your needs.  Call us today at (800)367-0387.

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