Low Speed Bollards for Store Fronts

Low Speed Bollards for Store Fronts

If you have a store, you have a store front.  A store front is the primary entry and exit point for customers of your facility or establishment.  Store fronts are highly susceptible to accidental or purposeful vehicular intrusion.  Vehicular intrusion can occur at anytime resulting in property damage and injury to customers or employees.  The Storefront Safety Council has collected data on thousands of storefront vehicular incidents.  They have found that there has been a steady rise in incidents.  Operator and Pedal error account for 58% of storefront vehicle incidents, however, criminal incidents, such as ram-raids, are on the rise.

Due to the rise in vehicle incidents, some municipalities have enacted ordinances requiring adequate physical security protections.  Do you know what is required for your store front?  BBRSS can help.  (800)367-0387

Low Speed Bollards Offer Style for Store Fronts

The front of your store needs to look nice and presentable, while maintaining a high level of protection.  How to balance these needs is a primary consideration for BBRSS.  When choosing which low speed bollard to install choosing one to complement the character and design of the location is inherently important. Stainless steel bollards complement the clean lines of modern buildings containing glass and steel construction.  Other options could be branding choices such as Walmart’s yellow bollards.  Whichever bollards are chosen, they can blend in or balance the exterior of the store front.

Protecting your store front from vehicular intrusion is important.  Buildings are not made for collisions with vehicles, hence, added protection has become necessary.  Anticipating the possibility and taking necessary physical security measures is proactive and extremely responsible.  A store front can be protected by bollards designed to stand out, blend in, or complement.  Either way, your priority is customer and employee protection.  BBRSS has exactly what you need.  Contact us and one of our experts will help with your Store Front protection today. (800)367-0387

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