Low Speed Bollards for Stadiums

Low Speed Bollards for Stadiums

Stadiums have become a part of the landscape across the world.  Locations where people congregate to watch their favorite sporting event with the relative expectation of safety.  The responsibly for safety of the stadium patrons falls solely on the stadium ownership and facility security.  Every stadium has a physical security plan in place with strategic protections.  These protections should include an intricate system of bollards, including low speed bollards.

Low Speed Bollards for Stadiums

Low speed bollards for stadiums are designed with one purpose, protection for stadium patrons and employees, while minimizing physical damage to the structure. BBRSS low speed bollards are designed for protection and durability with customization as needed.   Stadiums have two main areas that require bollards for different reasons.  Each stadium has designated points for entry and exit.  Some of these points are for event spectators and others for employees and event personnel. 

The points for spectators require bollards to set a line of protection separating vehicles from people.  These bollards will protect against low speed miscalculations by vehicle operators.  Higher speed bollards may also be included for added protection.  For the entry/exit points for employees and personnel, the same reasons apply.  However, these bollards may be flexible in that they can be lowered or removed temporarily to allow for special use. 

The other area of concern, for stadiums, are parking areas.  Flexible low speed bollards allow for parking lot securing when full and traffic reroutes. Fixed low speed bollards can define the perimeter of the parking lot adding protection for property and pedestrian traffic.

Stadium security has become a prime target for terrorist activity and adding increased levels of physical security is now necessary.  Speak to one of BBRSS’s security experts and learn more about how BBRSS can assist in the improvement or establishment of your physical security protocol.  (800)367-0387

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