Low Speed Bollards for Retail Facilities

Low Speed Bollards for Retail Facilities

You probably have not paid much attention, have you seen the colored posts in front of the entrances and exits of local retail facilities?  Walmart has bright yellow bollards, which are standard posts.  This is in contrast to the red balls utilized by Target.  Both do their designed job of protecting the store, customers, and employees.  The simple act of keeping customers and employees safe, while protecting the retail property from vehicle damage, prevents many problems.  Low impact bollards strategically placed systematically around a retail establishment will accomplish your physical security goal.  What is the physical security goal?  To provide sufficient protection from unauthorized entry and harm to pedestrians walking around the premises.

Retail Facilities Need Low Speed Bollards

Low speed bollards for retail facilities and establishments come in three types: fixed, removable and collapsible. Additionally, these bollards are designed to add visual appeal of retail architectural designs and environment. Custom configurations are available to maximize security on nearly any type of retail facility or establishment, including both parking lots and restaurant boundaries.

Our low speed bollards are designed to provide security while not being obtrusive and complementing your landscape.   The bollards are visible enough to ensure drivers are aware of their presence.  As to which low speed bollard works for your retail facility or establishment, we suggest speaking to one of our physical safety experts. Contact BBRSS today at (800)367-0387.

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