Low Speed Bollards for Population Centers

Low Speed Bollards for Population Centers

What is a population center?  The simple definition is an area where people live.  That is very generic.  For BBRSS, a population center is an area where people traffic and congregate. Areas where life happens, and daily activity occurs with little observance of exterior negative involvement.  Negative incidents and unfortunate accidents do occur from time to time. Since people are oblivious for the most part, a vehicle accident can be catastrophic if adequate physical security protections are not put in place.  A strategic part of the protection, for population centers, are low speed bollards.

Low speed bollard can be designed to draw attention, by being brightly colored, or fade into the background as part of the ambience. Drivers make mistakes.  Approximately, 75% of all vehicle incidents are due to driver mistakes such as operator error, pedal error, and DUI.  Simple mistakes as misjudging turning radius or positioning make the need of low speed bollards highly important and visible in areas of high vehicular traffic.  There are places within a population center where driver precision is required, and obvious bollards reduce the chances of a misjudgment resulting in injury or damage.  Such a location is a restaurant drive thru.  At low speeds, a car scraping against a bollard will be returned to where they ought to be. At faster speeds, the car might crash, but the bollard will absorb the force, rather than the utility or wall it is protecting.

Low speed bollards for use in population centers has become a necessary part of the landscape.  Establishing a line of demarcation between vehicles and people is becoming increasingly necessary.  If your designing a new establishment or structure within a population center, BBRSS is your go to provider.  Your physical security protection plan can be supported by one of our experts.  (800)367-0387

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