Low Speed Bollards for Pedestrian Protection

Low Speed Bollards for Pedestrian Protection

Pedestrian protection is a broad subject, from busy streets and entertainment areas to pedestrian bridges.  The protection of pedestrians is of top priority.  Every security measure must be taken to ensure vehicles cannot attempt to cross pedestrian only designated areas.  Low speed bollards can be installed to line the perimeter, block entries, and provide a line of demarcation.   Vehicle must be prevented from entering pedestrian bridges, while allowing easy access for pedestrians and bicyclists.  It’s a balancing act.  This also protects against damage cause by vehicle damage from non-designed use.

With safety and protection being the utmost priority, low speed bollards can be designed to be a highly visible warning apparatus for approaching vehicles.  If impacted, at low speed, the bollards will redirect the vehicle to the proper direction.  If needed for temporary access, flexible or removable low speed bollards can be installed.

When designing or improving designated pedestrian areas, consult the BBRSS team for a full line of low speed bollards and other physical security products.  (800)367-0387

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