Low Speed Bollards for Parking Lots and Garages

Low Speed Bollards for Parking Lots and Garages

When drivers enter a parking lot or parking garage, how do they know where they are allowed to park?  Simple question but one that needs to be considered in the design stage.  Lines designating parking spaces are sometimes not enough. There are areas that need to be protected and traffic flow that needs to be addressed.  By strategically installing visible low speed bollards, drivers will be able to differentiate between restricted areas and areas of accessibility.  Large or small parking lots and garages will benefit from low speed bollards due to their impact prevention ability and safe driving environment establishment.

Pedestrians use the same areas as the vehicles.  Normally, drivers are responsible and operate at low speeds, but there are instances of erratic driving.  Erratic drivers are an inherent threat to pedestrians going to or leaving their vehicle. Low speed bollards provide a visual reminder and deterrent to reckless driving.  The prevention of tragic accidents is the priority of parking lot and garage owners.

The use of collapsible or removable low speed bollards are optimal for short term parking solutions.  They can be easily erected to block entry to full parking areas and designated areas for reserved or valet parking.  Short term parking issues are easily resolved.  When removed or collapsed, vehicles can drive over with ease.

Another use for low speed bollards, is to protect assets within the parking lot or garage.  For instance, in a parking lot, fire hydrants are exposed.  Low speed bollards can be constructed around the fire hydrant for protection.  In a parking garage, each level has an elevator and placing low speed bollards in front adds a high level of protection.

Let BBRSS review your parking lot or garage plans and we can make expert suggestions for low speed bollard placement and identify when high speed bollards become necessary.   (800)367-0387

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