Low Speed Bollards for Malls

Low Speed Bollards for Malls

Malls have been a staple of the American landscape since their heyday in the 80s and 90s.  Malls are highly trafficked areas featuring both vehicular and pedestrian traffic challenges.  With this high level of traffic, safeguarding against accidental or intentional crashes requires a full physical security evaluation and the installation of protective devices.  Low speed bollards have become an integral part of facilitating the required protection, when strategically installed, while adding their own flavor to the exterior landscape.  BBRSS is the industry leader in low speed bollards and developing a strategic physical security plan and implementation for Mall security. (800)367-0387

Low Speed Bollards Make Sense for Mall Security

Malls, by their very nature, are prime targets for terrorism and other malicious threats.  Their multi-level design, multiple entry points, and high human traffic make them a high value target.  Taking the proactive approach of installing low speed bollards at entry points and pedestrian walkways adds a layer of protection for all involved.  Malls are different from open air shopping centers in that luxury stores are typically located in the interior thus negating the criminal act of ram-raiding.  The idea is to provide a barrier of protection from vehicular impacts that could harm mall customers and employees. 

Different areas of the mall require different types of low speed bollards.  Fixed bollards, which are most common, are for permanent mall protection.  The fixed low speed bollard protection is best suited for mall entries and strategic points around the mall exterior.  Removable or collapsible bollards, which are a less common need for malls, could be used in areas where periodic vehicle traffic is allowed but needs to be blocked off regularly.  These areas could include loading docks, mall entrance tunnels, etc.

BBRSS is focused on making the best low speed bollards in the industry and design each with the single focus of extraordinary site protection.  All bollards can be designed to complement your landscape and external mall appeal. Contact our expert low speed bollard experts today.  BBRSS is here to help you provide the best physical security for your mall customers and employees.  (800)367-0387

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