Low Speed Bollards for Concert Arenas

Low Speed Bollards for Concert Arenas

As with Stadiums, the need for physical security solutions for Concert Arenas has grown exponentially.  Concert arenas are targets that terrorists would love to cause substantial damage.  Is your concert arena protected?  Protected from the unthinkable terrorist attack or the accidental vehicle incident within a high pedestrian trafficked area of the arena.

The question every concert arena must ask and address, “Is the arena adequately protecting concert goers from vehicular incidents?”  Designing a strategic layout for physical security using low speed bollards is not only smart but responsible. Low speed bollards can be used to direct traffic away from pedestrian areas and add a layer of building protection.  58% of vehicle incidents are due to operator or pedal error.  Is your concert arena adequately protected?  Can you say if there was an incident today, concert attendee harm will be minimized?  BBRSS can help you evaluate and determine what is needed to enhance your security.

Low Speed Bollards at Concert Arenas

The specific uses for low speed bollards at concert arenas range from entry/exit points to parking lot designation.  The perimeter of parking lot can be lined with fixed low speed bollards to guide drivers to appropriate designated parking and add a level of property protection at the same time.  Removable or flexible low speed bollards can be used to open and close parking areas as needed.  Entry/Exit points of the concert arena protect concert goers and employees.  Employee entry points may need flexible low speed bollards for periodic vehicle entry, such as deliveries and entertainment buses.

With the increased threats in the world, Concert arenas must up their game and add measures of protection as needed and required.  BBRSS is the leading provider of low speed bollards and all things physical security.  Contact our expert team and learn more how we can help you.  (800)367-0387

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