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Facility Protection Jacksonville – Are You Protected?

Jacksonville, a very prominent city in the northeast portion of Florida.  Home to many businesses, arenas, warehouses, and other facilities.  Each facility has a level of facility protection and security dictated by its industry and assets.  This brings us to the curious question: What is facility protection? The first noticeable facility protection level is the perimeter.  Perimeter size can cover a lot of square feet or even miles such as the land surrounding an airport or small as a single building.  Facilities in Jacksonville span across in size from large to small and required security levels that are dependent upon industry and function. Jacksonville has seen an increase in business growth resulting in more need for sufficient building facility protection.  Facility protection Jacksonville.  BBRSS is the foremost provider, in Jacksonville, of state-of-the-art physical security products developed for superior facility protection. (800)367-0387

What is Facility Protection?

Facility protection is the comprehensive security and operation plan covering the vulnerable areas: personnel, visitors, suppliers, entry and exit points, and strategic assets.  How the protection of these areas is designed, implemented, and maintained is extremely important to successful facility protection.  The first level of protection for a Jacksonville building, airport, or other structure is perimeter taking a level approach following concentric circles in an outward direction. The level of protection your facility requires is determined by the risks associated with your industry. 

The outer most perimeter is your first line of defense and ought to consist of protection through a combination of physical features, surveillance, and most significantly physical security products. As each level is addressed, moving inwards, the physical security products required changes and is decided by the function desired.

Drop Arm Barriers
Vertical Pivot Gates
Crash Gates
Wedge Barriers

Jacksonville Facility Protection Plans dictate which physical security products are used in each vulnerable area.  When deciding on products and their placement, the decision should always revert back to the three fundamental concepts of physical security.  The three fundamental concepts of physical security include assessing the security risks to your business; zones of protection; and the components of a security system: barriers, technology, procedures, and people.  Contact BBRSS today and let us work together to determine each piece necessary to make sure your facility protection is the best it can be for your Jacksonville Facility.  (800)367-0387

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