Roadway, a division of BBRSS, is the leading provider of products designed for protection, safety, and traffic control.  Our products include navigation lights, resistance barriers, warning gates, and additional accessories. We design, installation, and operational training are all part of the BBRSS – Roadway product service and support.

Today’s roadways are treacherous.  Drivers are more distracted than ever, and it has become imperative to provide roadway security products to protect the workers and drivers through proper warnings and directional products. With our extensive design experience, which we are proud to say, is more than anyone else in the industry.  Our experts understand the needs and requirements of the industry and have developed new products engineered for  safety.  You can expect more from BBRSS-Roadway expert.  Our engineers are registered, and our skilled draftsmen completely review each project and customize equipment accordingly.  Hard or easy we can handle it all.

Whether you’re an architect, government employee, or contractor, we can help resolve roadway problems through design, installation, implementation, and training.  BBRSS is a partner you can trust.  (800)367-0387