How to Prevent Burglaries Commercial & Residential Tips

how to prevent burglaries

All it takes is one wrong day to turn your life on its head. A burglary not only costs you thousands of dollars, it also completely damages your sense of safety. 

It’s estimated one million burglaries are committed every year in the United States. These can range from extreme break-ins to minor vandalism. If you’ve feared losing your hard-earned belongings while out of the home, keep reading.

We’re going to discuss how to prevent burglaries in both commercial and residential spaces. As the saying goes? Sometimes the best action is preventative action. 

Who is Most Affected by Burglaries?

You might be wondering what your chances are when it comes to burglary. While it can happen to anybody at any time, some are at slightly higher risk. 

Violent crime has been on the rise throughout the country by at least 33%, which includes residential and commercial robbery. Several reasons have been attributed to this, such as:

  • Desensitization to violence
  • Economic collapse
  • Stress caused by the pandemic


State or City with High Crime Rate

This is an obvious one, but one that needs to be repeated. Some places are more crime-prone than others, even though there are ongoing attempts to reverse this.

Washington is well-known for being one of the worst states for car theft. California, while it has seen a dip in property crimes, is still struggling with high commercial burglary rates. The city or town you choose to live in will affect this rate even more. 

Smart cities are designed not just to improve green energy output, but to create safer living environments

Personal Details like Neighborhood or Income

Residential robberies are more likely to happen when you take neighborhood and income into account. This isn’t a cause to be paranoid, but something to be aware of.

Rural areas are found to be particularly high-risk when it comes to robberies. Lower-income individuals also are more likely to experience a break-in than middle-income.


General Burglary Prevention Tips

Before we look into preventing burglaries for residential and commercial locations, let’s look at some practical behavior you should apply to any location. You’d be amazed at how much safer you can be once you change a few habits.

Don’t Post Your Absence on Social Media

a couple taking a picture on the New York subway

Did you know burglars will sometimes follow their victims on social media? This is especially easy to do if you don’t turn off geo-tagging or tag yourself in certain cities.

When you post about taking a leave of absence — vacation or a job trip — burglars will know when to strike. Resist the urge to talk about your trip until after you get back home.

Always Make Your Home Look Occupied 

If you’re leaving for a little while, play it smart. Keep the lights on, leave the television on, and arrange for your regular mail to be delivered weekly instead of daily. This makes it appear as if you are home at all times.

Burglars will often vet their victims, looking for patterns of absence so they can slip in undetected. Appearing to always be home will make them search for easier targets.

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Preventing Burglaries for Commercial Locations

The best way to keep a robbery at bay is through common sense. The majority of burglaries can be avoided if you keep track of your day-to-day behavior. 

Trim Hedges and Trees

Shrubbery is essential for clean air and even reducing heating/cooling costs. When they’re too thick, they can increase hiding spots for burglars. Wedge barriers can assist with deterring prying eyes, able to be installed quickly and last a long time. 

Activate your Alarm System

Surprisingly enough, some people forget to turn on their alarm system after they buy it. Double-check to make sure it’s on and working when you’re not in the building.


Preventing Burglaries for Residential Locations

woman bringing in packages to her apartment

What else can you do to prevent a burglary for your house or apartment? It’s all about getting into the mindset of a potential thief and outsmarting them ahead of schedule.

Lock Your Door

“Wait, lock your door?”, you might be wondering. This may surprise you, but a staggering 30% of all burglars enter through an unlocked door

Not only should you double-check your doors and windows before leaving, consider purchasing better locks. A sturdy deadbolt lock can be installed in a matter of minutes.

Don’t Leave Deliveries Sitting Around

Expanding upon this tip from earlier, be mindful of your mail. This is especially prudent during the holiday season when people are purchasing more than usual. 

Seeing a fancy new item sitting on the front steps of your home can inspire a wannabe burglar to take a peek.

Final Word 

Preventing commercial and residential burglaries is a surprisingly easy feat that becomes second-nature with practice. When the average burglary can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and lost belongings, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Simple habits such as leaving your lights on, double-checking your locks, and minding your mail will go a long way. Once you feel secure in this habit, go a step further and invest in a gate operator or new alarm system. It’ll cost less in the long-run than waiting for the worst to happen. 

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