Top Hotel Safety and Security Tips

hotel safety & security

People come to hotels for numerous reasons. For most, it’s a place where they can stay while exploring a new corner of the globe. Others see it as a place to wind down after a long day of work and meetings.

What all hotel guests have in common is expecting a reasonable amount of security and safety during their stay. Here’s a breakdown of hotel safety and security:

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Physical Security

Physical security boils down to how safe a hotel is from unwanted intruders. These elements include both internal and external security.

Inside, you may have locking mechanisms, CCTV cameras, and other solutions that prevent people from creating physical harm to property or occupants inside the hotel.

External physical security may include barriers, gates, and blockades that prevent unwanted people or vehicles from breaching the perimeter. 

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Intelligent Access

Most hotels require a key to enter guest rooms. However, not all have the security to prevent unwanted people from entering employee areas. It will make you and your guests feel better if you have restricted areas of your hotel that use intelligent access.

This solution makes sure your other systems aren’t compromised.


Modern camera technology can pick up far more precise footage than outdated surveillance systems. You can install hidden and visible cameras throughout your hotel so that you have visual access to all key areas. 

The sight of security cameras will deter most criminals. For those that still intrude, you’ll have a clear image once they enter your property. 

Security Grilles

Security grilles are an excellent option if you want to close down sections of your hotel during off-hours. Most hotels use them for gift shops, restaurants, and other amenities. Guests can still peer into the rooms during off-hours but can’t access them.

Installing security grilles is a lot easier than you may think. You can find one that’s a suitable size for your hotel. 

Anti Theft Measures

Even small anti-theft devices can go a long way. By locking up merchandise and other items, you’ll prevent people from stealing goods from your hotel. Guests can also use the safes in their room for their own protection. 

You can also educate your staff on anti-theft measures to know how to handle a problem if it arises. 

Fire Safety

Fire safety is a vital component for running a hotel. Employees need to have a clear evacuation plan that gets everyone out of the building quickly and safely in the event of a fire. Hotels should conduct regular fire drills and ensure that all fire detection systems are up and running. 

Proper fire safety could mean the difference between life or death, so no hotel should neglect it. 


Hotel designers can work a lot of magic with lighting, and it can set the mood and create the overall feel for people entering the property. Proper lighting can also make a hotel safer. Hotels should have an arsenal of safety backup lights that go on due to a power outage. 


Having a durable fence around a hotel is crucial to prevent intruders, wind, or anything else that may wreak havoc inside. Hoteliers want to have a wall that is strong enough to resist high-impact intrusions from vehicles. 

Reinforced steel tends to be one of the most reliable materials for perimeter fencing. 


Like fencing, gates are there to prevent vehicles from entering or leaving the property. You can set gates at specific entry points to help regulate traffic flow, and it’s recommended that you have durable gates that prevent vehicles from crashing through.

Without a gate, anybody can take their vehicle onto your property with ease.

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Curious how to keep your hotel safe? Check out how to apply security solutions

Personal Security

Personal security is a protocol that protects all your people, assets, and information. Having proper personal security will reduce the harm caused to your guests and employees. There are various types of personal security you can implement, such as:

Guest Education

Making sure all your guests are adequately informed of all the rules and safety regulations will protect the well-being of everyone inside your hotel. Make sure to have all essential points marked clearly throughout the property.  

It would help if you also had a breakdown of all the safety features and evacuation plans for guests to follow in case of an emergency. 

Staff Training

You can’t always count on guests to read and remember all the rules of your hotel. However, you can ensure that all staff are well-educated on the matter. Training staff to follow all the safety and security protocols will maximize safety efforts

This way, guests can turn to a staff member if they aren’t aware of the regulations. 

Security Guards

If your hotel is in an area of high criminal activity, having onsite security guards will give everyone more peace of mind. You can hire security guards directly or use a third-party staffing agency to equip your hotel with competent individuals to maintain safety. 

Like your staff, all security guards should be up-to-date on rules and evacuation plans. 

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How BRSS Can Help

B&B Roadway and Security Solutions have an extensive collection of safety products suitable for almost all hotels. You can find a description of some of our most popular safety and security solutions below.

Want to learn how we can help keep your hotel more secure? Contact our team today to learn about all our hotel safety solutions. 


Above, we mention how gates are an excellent way to ensure physical security. We have a vast array of different gates that will prevent any unwanted vehicles from entering your property. Crash gates are a fantastic choice since they can handle high-impact intrusions


If you want to help the way you manage traffic flow within your hotel, consider investing in durable barriers to prevent cars from entering restricted areas. They’re strong enough that not even the most ambitious intruder can get through.


If your hotel needs to upgrade its lighting systems, consider adding some of our top-notch LED lights. They are incredibly bright and will illuminate any hazardous passageways with ease. You can find various types of LED lights in our collection. 

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Final Word

Keeping a hotel safe can be challenging. That said, it’s possible if you have suitable systems in place. Make sure to have a checklist of all the security solutions you need to help make your hotel as safe as possible. 

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