High Speed Bollards

High speed bollards are the first thing that comes to mind when most people are asked about physical security protection from vehicles.  In contrast to low speed bollards, high speed bollards are designed to stop vehicles traveling at a high rate of speed.  Physical security plans for commercial and government structures are best served by the inclusion of high-speed bollards.  The person responsible for planning the perimeter around a building, should contact BBRSS today and allow one of our experts discuss options that will fit their plan.

Depending on the site, the strategic physical security plan may include a variety of types of low and high speed bollards. See our page on low speed bollards.  High speed bollards are relatively a budget friendly method of providing perimeter protection against recklessness or vehicular accidents.  Higher rated bollards may be necessary for facilities with a higher risk of terrorist or criminal actions.  Most high speed bollard installations consist of steel posts filled with concrete, installed to help mitigate damage to people or property in the event of an accident. Bollards are K-rated.  The K-rating on bollards are determined by testing.  A high speed bollard has proven to stop a 15,000 lb diesel truck impacting at 30, 40, or 50 mph.

The majority of physical safety and security applications will need the standard security bollards or low speed bollards.  Low speed bollards are the type designed appropriately for parking posts and around utility meters; around the perimeter of storefronts, playgrounds, parks and patios; and lining roadways or medians. High speed bollards, as discussed, are designed for those places that are more likely to be targeted by criminal or terrorist intent.   For high speed bollards to be effective, there should be both design and the oversight of proper installation by a highly experience company like BBRSS. If your physical security plan calls for high speed bollards or you’re not sure if they are appropriate for your facility, contact our team and we can assist.  (800)367-0387

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