High Speed Bollards for Government Facilities and Buildings

High Speed Bollards for Government Facilities and Buildings

If you are a terrorist, you would want to make an impact through your actions and successfully targeting a government facility or building would be the coup de gras.  For that very reason, government facilities and buildings require the strongest, most reliable physical security currently available.  BBRSS has the solutions to make your physical security plan top notch.  Any physical security plan starts with bollards both low and high speed.  The most important for true safety from terrorist or criminal vehicle intrusion are high speed bollards. The required high level security necessitates unauthorized traffic must be kept from entering and/or damaging restricted areas. Due to the high-quality engineering of BBRSS high speed bollards, we have the bollards available to provide protection for any level required.

Our high speed bollards are designed to protect every area necessary.  Vehicles within the desired K-rating will not be allowed entry.  Collapsible bollards can be offer heavy duty security against unauthorized entry while lowering, raising and locking, permitting authorized vehicles to safely transit.

Citizens have come to expect government facilities and buildings to be the safest and most well protected.  Installing high speed bollards at entry/exit points draw a line of demarcation that adds a level of separation and protection for both citizens and government employees.  Just knowing there is a barrier to stop out of control vehicles provides a level of comfort.  BBRSS can assist in the review, design, and installation of high speed bollards for government buildings and facilities. Our experts are just a phone call away.  (800)367-0387

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