High Speed Bollards for Airports

High Speed Bollards for Airports

Can you think of a location that has highly restricted areas, yet allows tens of thousands of customers pass through daily?  By definition, the answer is an airport.  Airports today must have the highest-level physical security protocol available.  From buses and taxis to personal vehicles, the amount of airport vehicle traffic is staggering.  Couple that with the significant number of restricted and highly restricted areas, and the need for a layered physical security is extremely necessary.  The first line of defense is high speed bollards designed to stop high speed vehicle intrusions.  Terrorists and criminals look for areas not well guarded or protected to engage in their evil acts. Airport employees, travelers, and guests depend on airport security to put security measures in place.

Low speed bollards can be used in other areas around the airport for traffic control and parking lots.  High speed bollards should be focused on restricted areas.  The primary concern for restricted areas is access.  Unauthorized access must be limited in such areas as runways, airplane hangars, warehouses, and entry/exit points. Collapsible or removable bollards can be used to block aircraft hangars from unwanted traffic, while warehouses and runways can also be given additional protection from outside vehicles. Imagine the destruction if a vehicle was allowed to unauthorized entry onto a runway and collides with an airplane full of passengers.

BBRSS is the leading provider of high speed bollards for airports.  Let one of our team of experts review your physical security needs and we can work with you to develop a plan for the installation of high speed bollards where they are most effective.  (800)367-0387

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