General Contractors (Bridge/HOV)

As a General Contractor specifically tasked with bridge, HOV, and roadway construction, you are required to have a traffic safety plan in place during the construction phase.  The Roadway products required are similar for every project but in adjustable quantities. 

Traffic safety and worker protection during the construction phase revolves around protecting the site from traffic interference and out of control vehicles. As with Traffic Consultants, the need to accurately access the physical traffic requirements of the project may require the help of the premier physical safety experts, BBRSS.  City ordinances and codes, federal and state regulations are specific but there needs to be a balance of physical, operational, and technical innovations designed into the traffic safety apparatus of a roadway, bridge, or HOV project.   The main objective of roadway traffic safety, designed by Roadway a division of BBRSS, is to protect the workers and drivers, while assisting the General Contractor with finishing his project on time and within budget.

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