Flooded Roadway

Recently, there has been a substantial increase in the amount of rain across the nation.  Larger areas of the country are experiencing flooding that has never before been seen.  Flash flooding also has been on the rise.  Local authorities, including city workers, police, and firefighters, work to put up barricades.  The barricades are meant to keep vehicles from entering a flooded area.  Unfortunately, some drivers ignore the barricades and drive around them putting themselves and others in harm’s way unnecessarily.

Many cities and counties have areas that flood regular with any significant amount of rain.  These areas are known to flood and often the powers that be have decided the installation of a warning gate is the best option. Whether it’s a warning gate or multiple barriers, BBRSS has the right product designed to promote safety and traffic management through diversion.

The team at BBRSS is ready to assist the determination of which product best fills your need while meeting the safety standards set forth by the Department of Transportation.  Call us today and we can steer you to the right solution.  (800)367-0387