Final Denial Solutions

Final Denial, what is it?  It is the final point in any physical security plan where a security breach can be stopped.  BBRSS has designed products that will stop the biggest of vehicles in their tracks.  They will be rendered useless. If you’re interested in seeing our final denial products, please view our videos demonstrating their effectiveness.  These products work very well in high-security facilities and installations where perimeter breaches cannot be allowed.  With the increase in terrorist attacks and the possibility thereof, it is imperative these locations install a system that will work each and every time. 

B&B ARMR Final Denial Barriers include the Model 828 Shallow Mount Finger Wedge Barrier, Model 820 Shallow Mount Plate Barrier, Model 833 Shallow Finger Barrier, and the Model B30 Crash Bollards.  All of our final denial barriers include Emergency Fast Operation (EFO) which can deploy the barrier is under 2-seconds.

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Model 828 Deployed
Model 828 deployed in a final denial application.