Federal Government

Federal Buildings are high valued targets and a securing the physical perimeter is vital. These buildings and facilities owned and operated by the Federal Government must, by their very nature, have the highest level of security.  The protection of citizens and government employees is of utmost importance. Entrances must have strong fortified gates and barriers restricting access.  Other challenges include the flow of pedestrian traffic, which can be controlled through the strategic implementation of bollards, and protection from vehicular attacks.  Vehicular attacks can be addressed through the implementation of wedge barriers or other strategically placed physical security system deemed appropriate and within the stringent federal guidelines.

Our goal is to provide our government customers with the highest level of expertise and services when it comes to both Federal and Local compliance. With a full line of products and services specially engineered to meet the unique demands of government organizations and facilities, BBRSS is the partner of choice to deliver solutions that are within budget and assist in the reduction in total cost of ownership.  The main objective of physical security, designed by ARMR a division of BBRSS, is to protect the assets and facilities of the organization. BBRSS provides comprehensive physical security solutions to help protect numerous government buildings and facilities.  Call to today to find out more (800)367-0387.