Facility Protection

Through many years businesses from many industries have reached out to BBRSS for their facility protection solutions.  Facility protection starts with perimeter protection.  Most facility security managers will agree.  When designing a physical security plan for the protection of a facility, BBRSS has found a layered approach with concentric levels.  Starting with the outmost layer and working inwards to the most valuable areas of the facility.  Keeping in mind there are personnel at every level.  The concentric layer approach is becoming more prevalent with the increase in terrorist and criminal activities.

Unfortunately, terrorism and criminal activities has increased the chances and risks to facilities housing business and government entities.  Both threaten the safety of personnel and customers while increasing the possibility of physical damage.  With the products and services available from BBRSS, businesses and facility security managers can review various means to minimize the risk.  The mere existence of an existential threat makes it every more important to go through a conscientious process making sure every measure is being taken.

Defining a perimeter will help in understanding the complexities therein.  A perimeter is the outer most edge of a facility, structure, or building that establishes a protective security zone.  Perimeters are part of every industry, including seaports, airports, oil refineries, government buildings, etc.  Effectively planned perimeter systems or physical security protocols should take into consideration the six D’s — deter, detect, dispatch, delay, deny and defend.

Products offered by BBRSS for Facility Protection

  • Bollards – Low and High Speed
  • Crash Gates
  • Vertical Pivot Gates
  • Drop Arm Barriers
  • Portable Barriers
  • Surface Mounts
  • Wedge Barriers
  • Gate Operators

Each one of our products are specifically designed for a perimeter security need. Your facility may not necessarily require every one of our products as part of your plan. Speaking directly with one of our experts will answer any questions you may have and shore up any possible weaknesses.  Call BBRSS today (800)367-0387

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