Facility Protection for Pedestrians

Facility Protection for Pedestrians

 With the advent of personal electronics, the attention and observation skills of the average pedestrian has dramatically diminished.  As a result, property owners need to look at the measures available in facility protection for pedestrians.  BBRSS has extensive information on the subject and can assist in designing the pedestrian protection portion of any facility protection plan.  Call us today to find out how (800) 367-0387.

The concept of pedestrian protection is broad in scope and covers everything from busy streets and entertainment areas to pedestrian bridges.  The protection of pedestrians is critical, and every possible security measure must be undertaken to ensure vehicles cannot attempt to cross pedestrian-only designated areas and the elimination of other potential hazards.  Low-speed bollards are perfect for these situations and can be installed as a perimeter line to block entries and provide a demarcation line.   Vehicles must not be allowed to enter pedestrian bridges, yet still allow easy access for pedestrians and bicyclists. 

 Threat Mitigation Products

The facility protection issue for protecting pedestrians can be solved with the installation and placement of the right physical security products.  Products designed to redirect pedestrian traffic and add protection from inattentive drivers. Our available products are:

Bollards – Learn More

Portable Barriers – Learn More

BBRSS has a team of experts available to assist in assessing your physical security products for placement and effectiveness and your overall facility protection plan for completeness and comprehensive coverage. Don’t delay the pedestrians near your facility need your protection.  Call for your assessment today (800) 367-0387.

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