Emergency Road Closure

As with emergency flooding and emergency bridge repairs, emergency road closures can be a complicated undertaking.  Emergency road closures can happen for any reason from multi vehicle accidents to road washouts due to excessive rain. Traffic crews and local authorities must be ready at a moment notice to step in with the right equipment.  Initially, traffic safety is of the utmost importance. Traffic must be diverted accordingly which is the normal job performed by barricades. Barricades steer traffic in a certain direction away from the road closure, while navigation lights warn drivers of an impending closure and detour information.  Second, once on the scene, emergency crews need the traffic management equipment for their safety.  The barricades act as an added layer of protection against driver mistakes and mishaps.  The idea is the driver will see the barricade in time to adjust avoid collision. Finally, the construction workers repairing the roadway need the same protection as the emergency team.  By this time, higher level traffic safety products have been installed and increasing the security for all involved.

The traffic management products offered by BBRSS – Roadway exceed the requirements from State Departments of Transportation.  We are the premier provider of traffic management products from barriers and gates to navigation lights.  Contact BBRSS today to discuss our myriad of traffic management products to discover what is right for your emergency road closure needs. (800)367-0387