Drop Arm Barriers Houston

Drop Arm Barriers Houston

The assortment of physical security threats encountered by Houston security managers and commercial property owners is astonishing.  Normally, the physical security plan starts from the outer most level of the perimeter and works towards the center with stronger and stricter levels of security. Physical security products such as bollards, crash gates, and wedges are frequently used by the security-conscious facilities in Houston.  High traffic entrance points need a specific product designed to control traffic while offering protection.  Crash gates are often not useful for these entrances due to the traffic level and the slower speed of crash gate operation. The solution is often drop arm barriers. BBRSS has a complete line of high-quality, crash rated drop arm barriers to solve your physical security issues.  Call us today at . (800) 367-0387.

What is a Drop Arm Barrier- Houston?

For many, the image that comes to mind is the moveable arms often seen at military checkpoints in many military movies and documentaries.  Drop arm barriers are designed precisely for above ground protection with an arm that rests horizontally and lifts to a vertical position to allow entrance. Drop arm barriers can be constructed in a variety of widths customized for your physical security application in your Houston location.

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Applications for Drop Arm Barriers – Houston

The applications for drop arm barriers, within physical security plans, stretch across many Houston industries.  The security applications include guard gates, secured entrances, parking lot entrances, road closures, and more.  The industries that could benefit from drop arm barriers and is recommended for consideration as part of a physical security plan are as follows:

Houston Drop Arm Barriers

The usefulness of your entrance point security is only as reliable as the security products installed.  Crash tested and quality assured drop arm barriers made by BBRSS are the leading choice of many physical security teams across the nation and the world.   Make sure your Houston commercial facility is protected properly, and your people feel secure.  Call BBRSS today and put the best team in the drop arm barrier industry, in Houston, on your side. (800) 367-0387.


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