Drop Arm Barriers for Governments

Drop Arm Barriers for Governments

Governments have a large number of facilities and properties requiring extra specific protection.  Access must be carefully controlled to maintain the safety of all involved.  Government facilities have an enormous amount of vulnerable areas, principally entrances and exits.  Drop Arm Barriers are essential in making sure all Government vulnerabilities are appropriately addressed.  Whether the situation demands automatic or manual operation, drop arm barriers are designed with the needs of Government security in mind and support the free flow of traffic.  BBRSS can customize new drop arm barriers to complement the environment along with easily visible queues announcing its presence. Whether a simple, low-cost barrier for relatively low volume usage or a heavy-duty barrier for frequent operation is required, BBRSS has the ideal drop arm barrier for your Government.

Drop Arm Barrier Models Available for Governments

The steady rise in physical security threats against Governments has enhanced the overall awareness of ensuring the right physical security products are installed and functioning correctly.  BBRSS’s line of drop arm barriers will help your Government ensure you have the perfect product for hard to predict threats.  What product best fits your Government needs?

The applications for a drop arm barrier is extensive yet within the specifics of Government physical security plans.  Possible security applications for drop arm barriers in the Government setting includes guard gates, secured entrances, parking lot entrances, road closures, and more.  The BBRSS team of professionals can assist in the decision and customization of the perfect drop arm barrier for your physical security requirements.  Give us a call today and begin protecting your facility as it should be. (800) 367-0387.


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