Dept. of Defense

Department of Defense, Military, and Government Solutions

Securing federal government and military facilities presents a unique set of challenges, from the perimeter gates to traffic flow management.  As such, BBRSS addresses the most stringent building codes and regulations as well as the latest sustainable objectives to offer a comprehensive set of physical security solutions for military and government facilities. Understanding that government, military and Veteran’s Administration facilities each require distinct physical security solutions, the consultative experts at BBRSS can aid in the security of everything from the curb to the core of your facility.   Our premier physical security solutions protect essential government facilities and assets. Whether it’s a large military installation, a government building or campus, or a classified facility, we deliver tailored solutions.

The Department of Defense has equipment guides and physical security planning in place.  BBRSS is here to facilitate and meet all needs and requirements.  We have designed products that have proven to work exceptionally well in DOD facilities.  Our expert team is well versed in the particulars of installing physical security solutions in Department of Defense facilities and buildings, from barriers and gates to bollards. The main objective of physical security, designed by ARMR a division of BBRSS, is to protect the assets and facilities of the organization.

BBRSS is the leading provider of physical security solutions for the Department of Defense, Military, and Government facilities.  Start your project today by calling (800)367-0387.