Crash Gates for Ports

Port Perimeter Protection Includes Crash Gates

Ports are highly active shipping areas with materials and people moving to and fro.  Port security personnel are tasked with protecting passengers, employees, cargo and infrastructure.  Every vehicle must be authorized to enter or be turned away without incident.  Unauthorized vehicles must not be allowed to enter the port facility.  The threat of violence is just too high.  Ports, as a target, has seen an increase in threat levels due to a steady increase in global trade and the use of container vessels. The threat of terrorist attack on ports, naval bases, harbors, terminals, shipping and coastal facilities is a concern and growing one at that for a multitude of countries. BBRSS is ready to meet the challenge with a full line of perimeter security products including crash gates.

Crash Gates for Any Clearance Needed for Port Perimeter Security

Crash Gates designed by BBRSS are specifically for land-based port perimeter security. Our crash gates can be manually, or operator operated for easy access for authorized vehicles.  Size is often a consideration and we can make sure our clearances are accurate to accommodate multiple vehicle sizes.  BBRSS is experience in the port perimeter security and we can help your team develop a secure physical security plan that includes secure crash gates. Unauthorized vehicles must not be allowed to enter the port facility under any circumstance, hence only best crash gates by BBRSS should be employed.

Crash gates are necessary part of perimeter port security yet there are other products available.  BBRSS has other physical security products that address other physical security vulnerabilities.   Our expert team can provide all the information you need to make your port perimeter the best it can be.  (800)367-0387

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