Crash Gates for Pedestrian Protection

Crash Gates for Pedestrian Protection

There may be a section of property or pedestrian right-of-way that requires extra security.  This area requires strict access control.  Sometimes the installation of a crash gate is needed, and BBRSS is the industry leader in crash gates.  Crash gates are a viable option for Pedestrian Protection when the security of a designated area is of high importance.  Access to criminals or unauthorized personnel is not allowed. The accessibility of most areas by pedestrians creates the need to designate them as such and increase the security and protection of pedestrians.  BBRSS has the products and experts that can assist.  Call today (800) 367-0387.

Your facility protection and physical security plan have been carefully thought through, but determining the best possible solution for pedestrian access monitoring has moved to the top of the list.  BBRSS designs the highest quality crash gate options. Manually or automatically operated, our crash gates are ideal for use in the secure pedestrian zones and subsequent access points.  These gates are designed to perform lockdown protocol as required.

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Strong Pedestrian Protection

Crash gates are available in all shapes, sizes, and quality levels. BBRSS specializes in providing custom security gates offering the functionality desired and the structural integrity you required. We use the highest quality materials and proven manufacturing techniques to ensure our crash gates stand up to heavy use, outdoor elements, and regular wear and tear.

In addition to crash-tested gates and wide-clearance gates, we also provide a host of other products necessary to add security for pedestrians.  As a single-source supplier, we deliver fully integrated automatic crash gate systems that are reliable, secure, and easy to operate.

Why BBRSS for Crash Gates for Pedestrian Protection?

In addition to providing an extensive selection of crash gates, gate openers, and automatic systems, we’re a one-stop-shop for a complete range of services. BBRSS offers comprehensive technical support before, during, and after the system has been installed. You benefit from:

  • Fast ordering and product delivery
  • Live telephone support on all products
  • Employee safety training and system commissioning

Get in touch with us for additional information and to place your crash gate order today.  (800) 367-0387.

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