Crash Gates for Nuclear Power Plants

Crash Gates and Nuclear Energy Protection

When considering nuclear power plants and the type of energy they produce, the need to for high level security protection is paramount.  Often people worry about reactor meltdowns or leaks and that is a concern.  Yet, outside threats to the nuclear power plant is just as worrisome to security departments responsible.  An attack on a nuclear power plant would have disastrous consequences for the economic, health and ecological situation.  Outside threats such as unauthorized vehicle entry or vehicle impacts or intrusions, keep security managers awake at night.  Installing strategically placed crash gates at vehicle accessible entry/exit points is extremely necessary.

Crash gates installed at entries with security restrictions must be highly rated and meet crash resistance requirements.  BBRSS has designed our crash gates to meet and exceed national security regulations.  They are designed and installed to withstand and protect against high speed vehicular impacts and intrusion attempts.    Nuclear Power Plants require every entry point to be secure, and all possible weaknesses are neutralized.  As mentioned, there are entry points that must allow authorized access to visitors and employees.  Crash gates address this issue while being strong enough that when locked down and closed when there is an existential threat from vehicular intrusion.  

Making sure a nuclear power plant is extremely protected and its perimeter security is virtually impenetrable is job one for its security team.  Your goal is our goal and we have the physical security products available that compliment and add to the security provided by our line of crash gates. Give us a call and let us help you secure your Nucleus power plant.  (800)367-0387

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