Crash Gates for Government Buildings

Crash Gates are an Excellent Choice for Government Building Security

Government buildings are known for their intense, extreme level of security.  You have probably even experienced the security firsthand. If your part of the security team or a manager tasked with designing and maintaining the security surrounding a government building, then having BBRSS on your side is a really good thing.  BBRSS is the leading perimeter physical security provider for government buildings, facilities, and structures.  Our team of experts understand what is required in the products we design for government building perimeter protection and that is best demonstrated by our line of crash gates.

Crash gates are designed, by their very nature, to protect against high speed vehicular impacts and intrusion attempts.  We can all agree, the increase in terrorist and criminal activity has only made the need for crash gates to increase.  Government buildings need to make sure that every entry point is secure, and all possible weaknesses are removed.  There are entry points that allow access to authorized visitors and employees.  Crash gates allow for these vehicles to be allowed in but are strong enough that when locked down and closed unauthorized vehicles are not allowed.   High speed ramming of the crash gate will have no effect.

Is your government building missing a crash gate that does what it is designed to do?  Are you designing a perimeter security for a new government building or updating a current one?  BBRSS experts can help you make sure you have the right crash gate for your facility and can recommend complementary physical security products to up the overall protection.  (800)367-0387

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