Crash Gates for Data Centers

Perimeter Protection Using Crash Gates for Data Centers

Data Centers are unusual facilities.  They are built to store large amounts of valuable data and survive just about anything, from man-made or natural disasters.  The security employed is multi layered and involves electronic and physical equipment.  For the physical security plan for the perimeter of the facility, a layered approach is required.  One of the areas of concern are entry and exit points.  These points must be monitored at all times and the best products, designed by BBRSS, are our full line of crash gates.

More and more data is being stored at an ever alarming rate.  This data, stored in data centers, is highly valuable and quickly becoming a high valued target for hackers, terrorists, and criminals.  The crash gates designed by BBRSS are highly rated against vehicular collisions and attempted intrusions. Whether your perimeter security team chooses manually or automatically operated crash gate, we have a solution that will exceed your expectations.  BBRSS is dedicated to providing the safest and most reliable crash gates on the market. We have an extensive line of crash gates that will provide your data center employees and customers with safety and peace of mind.  BBRSS Crash gates are designed to prevent vehicles from impacting or intruding into a certain area protecting buildings and the people inside them. The difference between crash gates and other more conventional gates is the ability to withstand a heavier impact and inhibit vehicles from breaching the point of impact.

The perimeter of a data center is as important as the data contained within and warrants increased level of security.  Crash gates are necessary part of that perimeter security and coupled with our other products will help reach that high security threshold.  BBRSS has other physical security products that address other physical security vulnerabilities.   Our expert team can provide all the information you need to make your data center perimeter the best it can be.  (800)367-0387

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