Crash Gates for Airports

Crash Gates are a Viable Option for Airport Security

You have been tasked with updating the physical security for the perimeter of your airport.  Your job is to determine viable options and decide of implementation.  BBRSS has you covered.  The challenges facing airports and their high level security, in the 21st century, is a serious attention grabber.  Terrorists, criminals, or unauthorized personnel must not be allowed access. The sheer numbers of people and businesses traveling and shipping items by plane on a daily basis, has increased the responsibility of airport agencies do everything in their power to ensure a safe environment.

Your security plan has taken into consideration the first level defense of bollards, but now is the act of determining the best solution for allowing access to those that need it while keeping out the ones who would do harm.  BBRSS designs, manufactures, and installs only the highest quality crash gate options.  Our crash gates can be manually or automatically operated for use in the most secure airport access points.  These gates are designed to effectuate lock down protocol as needed from terminal entrances to runways.

Crash Gates for Any Clearance Needed for Airport Perimeter Security

Airports have special concerns and one area specifically is the size factor.  Crash Gates must be of adequate size to allow clearance of a variety of vehicle sizes.  BBRSS understands this situation and has the solution airport security personnel need.   Our crash gates can meet your clearance requirements while maintaining the properties that effectively keep out unauthorized visitors and guard against potential attack.

Crash gates are necessary part of perimeter airport security but is not the end all.  BBRSS has other physical security products that address other physical security vulnerabilities.   Our expert team can provide all the information you need to make your airport perimeter the best it can be.  (800)367-0387

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