Counter Terrorism and Your Commercial Building

Counter Terrorism and Your Commercial Building

From the outset, public safety has been an important principle for successful design and management of public and business spaces. 9/11 changed everything.  Anti-terrorism protection is now a priority for most commercial buildings, facilities, and structures. This is an unfortunate truth that must be addressed to ensure the safety of employees and visitors.  The threat of urban terrorism has demanded that the owners and managers of public spaces, structures, and facilities consider installing protective physical security attributes. This could be in the form of bollards, crash gates, and barriers, to mitigate the impact of terror attacks against “soft targets”.

To address this very real threat head on, owners and managers have looked to BBRSS, the experts in physical security solutions.  As the experts, we have researched terrorist instances around the world and have many solutions to address the problem.  The threat of terrorist attacks on naval bases, ports, airports, government buildings, data centers, etc. remains a serious issue. BBRSS is prepared to meet this need head on and provide an array of facility barricades, bollards, and other physical security products to mitigate intrusions and the resulting damage.

Not every building, facility, factory, or structure needs the same level of physical security.  Your security will be dictated by your industry and if your commercial building is deemed threatened by terrorism, then the following will help:

  • Regulation and Implementation Requirements asdictated by federal, state, and local governments. The Whole Building Design Guide from the National Institute of Building Services has a good overview of secure/safe information.
  • Terrorist threats:  Do you have the necessary physical security products to combat a physical terrorist act?
  • Owner, Employee, and Visitor Concerns: structural enhancements should support the mitigation of risk, while reducing casualties, damage to property, and the critical function loss. 

Physically securing your Commercial building, facility, or structure from the threat of a terrorist attack should be a part of your overall physical security plan. It should be considered when designing and implementing the plan and the level of which is strictly dependent upon your unique situation.  At BBRSS, we have experience with all types of terrorism threat reduction and mitigation solutions for all industry types. 

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