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Have you been assigned the job, for your  Columbus building, facility, airport, warehouse, or government building, of designing or updating the physical security plan?  One risk every structure must consider as a possibility is a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed with direct aim at a highly vulnerable and critical part of your building.  How will you protect your employees? Visitors? What product has been installed that will stop the vehicle before damage can occur?  In Columbus, office buildings, facilities, and government buildings must realize physical risks must be addressed early and bollards are designed specifically for this function.   The entrance to Ohio State University is a good example of a facility where bollards play an essential role in the physical security plan.  Bollards can be seen strategically located and focus on protecting pedestrians from vehicles.  Columbus buildings, facilities, and structures have employed many different designs, types, and sizes, of bollards, to protect people and directing traffic.  Any potential situation anticipated, a security planner aided by an expert company, such as BBRSS, will have previously considered and authorized a dependable response guaranteeing the protection of both employees and customers. (800)367-0387

Design and Installation of Columbus Bollards

Bollards, what are they? A bollard is  a pillar or post, made up of a single metal pipe anchored by concrete and reinforced by even more concrete.  Most often located at building corners, loading docks, entrances, and other essential assets for the protection from cars or trucks.  The risk grows in relation to the increase in both weight and power of vehicles, which has necessitated bollard designers and installers to adjust accordingly to meet the risks.  Bollards can be characterized by their crash rating.  Some Bollards are developed to be flexible and with a low crash rating.  These are low speed bollards.  High crash rated bollards, or high-speed bollards, are developed to protect buildings and pedestrian zones by slowing or stopping a vehicle immediately causing substantial damage.  

Bollards Functions in Columbus

Bollards are tactically installed for one or more purposes by the specific instructions of the physical security plan.

  • Pedestrian Protection
  • Vulnerable Building Component Protection
  • Construction
  • Bicycle Parking
  • Asset Protection
  • Ram-Raid Applications
  • Terrorist Prevention
  • Traffic Control

BBRSS is set to assist your building security in ensuring the right bollard is used for the chosen function.  We can assist your team in making bollards a vital part of your physical security.  As the industry leader in bollard design, installation, and maintenance we are focused on safety and quality.  Have you thought about the other particulars of the bollard decision, for your Columbus building?

  • Special Requirements: removable, retractable, or permanent
  • Environment
  • Rating
  • Budget

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If you contact us at (800)367-0387 or fill out our quick and easy contact form, one of our Columbus professionals can help you in determining which bollard design is right for your physical security needs. Call today and make sure you are installing the right bollard.

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