City Centers

Cities are changing and growing which has resulted in forward thinking towards security solutions that protect citizens. Cities are increasingly connected using information and communication technologies, a trend often referred to as “smart cities.” “Safe cities” initiatives are uniting businesses, city officials, law enforcement and other stakeholders in an effort to maximize the safety of businesses and citizens and to minimize theft and crime. Technology is good, yet the physical security solutions should not be neglected or forgotten. 

The challenges posed by city centers is multi-faceted, from street side parking and store fronts to pedestrian traffic. Maintaining safety in these conditions has become rather difficult and an ongoing challenge. Budget constraints make it an even bigger uphill battle. The main objective of physical security, designed by ARMR a division of BBRSS, is to protect the assets and facilities of the organization.

The first and most obvious way to protect city centers to keep harmful or criminal intent away from them. That may seem like a no-brainer but keeping the perimeter secure is the best way to prevent a multitude of costly crimes. When it comes to crime, preventing them is far better than managing the far-reaching after-effects of a major security incident.

If your city center is in dire need of a security review, BBRSS is ready to help.  Our team of physical security experts can help develop and implement a customized plan with the corresponding products to ensure safety and tranquility.  Call today (800)367-0387