Smart city skyline

All You Need To Know About Smart Cities

A smart city is an urban area with a significant infrastructure linked together on a central network. The purpose of a smart city is easier data management. With these smart integrations, municipalities can better manage resources and public service to assist residents.   All systems are neatly organized on a significant network for streamlined city planning, […]

event risk: what you need to know

Event Risks: What You Need To Know

Event risk measures the likelihood of a significant unexpected event severely impacting a company, organization, or stock. It can constitute an event that hinders the smoothness or performance of a company’s operations.  Companies that want to protect themselves against these foreseen and unforeseen events can opt for event insurance coverage.  Opportunity Risk Companies need to […]

a resistance barrier

Different Resistance Barrier Technologies

Resistance barriers or bollards protect many high-risk buildings. Government institutions, military facilities, and other high-security buildings all use these barriers to protect property and control traffic. Security bollards are found in front of pedestrian plazas, bike lanes, tourist destinations, and other high-trafficked areas. Resistance barriers use different technologies to protect a space. With increased security [...]
BBRSS bollard solutions for your safety

Why Use Bollards?

What is a bollard? The quick, simple definition of a bollard is a vertical post that’s short and sturdy, but that’s not very helpful, is it? A better description of a bollard is a secure post or barrier that surrounds areas like parking lots and storefronts, and they offer additional security to the property and […]