Physical Security Threats – Mitigation Tips

Physical Security Threats – Mitigation Tips Increasing a facility’s ability to protect against threats is a task that should not be taken lightly, and understanding the supplemental security measures available can do just that.  Threats are internal and external and addressing them requires different types of security measures.  Most facilities understand that securing main doors […]

Common Physical Security Threats

What are the common physical security threats?  BBRSS has many methods and products to protect your business, building, facility, or warehouse during physical security scenarios.  Understanding the nature of each allows for situational awareness and scenario specific improvements.  Security is fluid and locating areas of improvement is a continuous endeavor. Common Physical Security Threats: Terrorism […]

The Purpose and Why of Bollard and Barriers in Today’s Physical Security

Specific physical security products, such as bollards and barriers, have been designed by engineers using various sizes and materials, for anti-terrorist vehicle blocking.  The Purpose and Why of Bollard and Barriers in Today’s Physical Security Bollards come in two basic types: high and low speed.  High speed bollards are designed to withstand high speed vehicle […]

Benefits of Industrial Physical Security

The real concept of physical security revolves around the physical barriers to entry and protective solutions employed to stop intruders and protect customer, visitors, and employees from external threats. Safety will always be the main priority of industrial facilities.  The safety of workers and the people living within the surrounding community.  The world of industrial […]

What to Consider when Bolstering Your Building’s Physical Security

Physical Security for Buildings With the increase in terrorism and violent crime, the need for security is increasing and the protection of visitors, personnel, and physical assets is crucial.  With this heightened focus on physical security, a layered approach is appropriate, starting with the perimeter. When looking over the perimeter of your building, the answers […]

Developing a Perimeter Security Plan: Questions to Ask

 An effective perimeter security plan requires more than simply building a tall fence topped with barbed wire. A well-secured perimeter contains numerous layers of defenses. An ever-increasing number of organizations are realizing the inherent value of stopping criminals before they can hurt customers or employees or inflict property damage.  Does your building have comprehensive perimeter […]

The Importance of Facility Perimeter Protection

The Importance of Facility Perimeter Protection When we, at BBRSS, speak about facility perimeter protection, we are looking at the physical perimeter surrounding a building, facility, or structure.  This is the first line of defense against unauthorized access.  The perimeter of any facility is composed of two basic parts: Natural protective barriers are mountains and […]

Counter Terrorism and Your Commercial Building

Counter Terrorism and Your Commercial Building From the outset, public safety has been an important principle for successful design and management of public and business spaces. 9/11 changed everything.  Anti-terrorism protection is now a priority for most commercial buildings, facilities, and structures. This is an unfortunate truth that must be addressed to ensure the safety […]