The Purpose and Why of Bollard and Barriers in Today’s Physical Security

Specific physical security products, such as bollards and barriers, have been designed by engineers using various sizes and materials, for anti-terrorist vehicle blocking.  The Purpose and Why of Bollard and Barriers in Today’s Physical Security Bollards come in two basic types: high and low speed.  High speed bollards are designed to withstand high speed vehicle […]

Perimeter Protection Best Practices

Perimeter Protection Best Practices – Are You Implementing Them? Your customers and personnel rely on building security to protect them daily while they perform their assigned duties or look to purchase products or services from you.  The responsibility falls on security personnel to man and monitor security checkpoints and monitoring stations; however, there needs to […]

How to Mitigate Threats to Substation Security

PERIMETER SECURITY FOR SUB-STATIONS Designing a comprehensive and successful physical security strategy requires stepping back and looking at the big picture. Physical security planning and product development has been the focus of BBRSS for many years. Sub-stations now have to implement a multifaceted approach to security. HOW TO MITIGATE THREATS TO YOUR SUBSTATION From the […]

Developing a Perimeter Security Plan: Questions to Ask

 An effective perimeter security plan requires more than simply building a tall fence topped with barbed wire. A well-secured perimeter contains numerous layers of defenses. An ever-increasing number of organizations are realizing the inherent value of stopping criminals before they can hurt customers or employees or inflict property damage.  Does your building have comprehensive perimeter […]