Resistance barrier gates on HOV

Reversible Lanes Traffic Gate Technologies

In areas with highly congested traffic, it can be beneficial for controlling agencies to switch the direction of traffic to allow for faster traffic movement. During peak traffic times, reversible lanes can make a massive difference to those needing to get home or get to work on time. These lanes are most often changed every [...]
testing a crash barrier

ASTM F2656 – Most Common Test Methods for Crash Testing of Vehicle Security Barriers

Perimeters of controlled areas such as embassies, factories, military bases, and others need the highest levels of security to prevent breaches. In the past, attackers have used vehicles to ram through gates and into these vulnerable areas, sometimes with deadly effects. Over time, organizations have implemented increasingly more robust perimeter security and crash gates to […]

Wedge Barriers

  Wedge Barriers A large vehicle runs a checkpoint or is traveling towards your facility at a high rate of speed.  What physical security product do you have ready to deploy to stop the vehicle in its tracks?  What product can do the job and remain intact yet render a runaway vehicle inoperable the instant […]

Drop Arm Barriers

  Drop Arm Barriers You have seen them.  The arms that block a roadway, an entrance to a commercial facility, or even a military installation gate.  Horizontal arms that, when activated, either manually or automatically, rise to a vertical position allowing access. Commercial and government facilities need to have barriers strategically positioned to increase the […]