A situation arises where a bridge has been damaged and must be repaired.  Traffic must be managed and controlled by redirection or possible road closures. The same is needed if the bridge is new construction.  Either way, the vehicular traffic must be directed away from specific areas for the safety of the drivers and the construction workers.  While bridges are part of our daily lives making them easier and safer, building and maintaining bridges creates a long list of potential hazards for workers and vehicular traffic.  Because many bridges continue to carry traffic while work is being performed, steps must be taken to separate the workers from the traffic flow and to ensure their visibility. Barricades and other traffic control devices can provide a safe distance between drivers and workers. Bridge construction companies need and are required by the Department of Transportation to have a specific traffic management plan in place. 

The typical traffic management plan has a list of products needed that are part of the BBRSS line of products. The traffic management products, from BBRSS – Roadway include navigation lights, resistance barriers, and warning gates.  Every one of our products is specifically designed and customized as needed for every traffic application, including bridge construction traffic management.

The objective for bridge construction companies is to complete the bridge repair or new build within time and within budget.  Safety issues, if not addressed, can wreak havoc on time and the budget.  Hence, safety and traffic management become extra important.

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