As mentioned before, bridges are a special in needs and requirements.  From construction worker safety to traffic control, bridges need physical security and traffic management products. Bridge construction, new or repair, must control the traffic in and around the bridge.  Directional lighting along with the reflectivity of strategically placed barricades will direct traffic during the nighttime hours.  Whereas, the same barricades are for the same purpose during the day.  For the safety of drivers and construction workers, traffic must be diverted. Additional, measures may be required for the physical security of the construction site.  Often bridge construction is around the clock and security teams need to be sure people in the hard hat area are approved for entry.  Vehicles come and go, and checkpoints must be established to funnel this traffic accordingly.

Strategically installed gates and barriers will do the job. Construction vehicles will be forced to wait when the gate is lowered while the vehicle before them is completing their specific task. At night, bridges tend to be very dark requiring lighting to direct traffic.  However, bridges spanning a marine navigational waterway must have lighting to aid in navigation both on the bridge and below.  Marine vessels must know clearances and where to navigate, whereas vehicles passing over the bridge must safe by understanding the traffic lanes and protective walls.

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