Bollards provide an aesthetic solution when vehicular protection is required with minimal obstruction to pedestrian traffic. At BBRSS, we provide a line of crash barries with the easiest and functional bollards that are available in the market today. 

They are designed to protect airports, commercial property, governmental buildings, energy-producing sites, and military installations from vehicle-based unintentional collisions or terrorist attacks. Also, Bollards provide protection to people in outdoor settings such as major events and in busy areas of the city. They act as a protective barrier between people and vehicles.

Our company’s Bollards are designed with maximum protection to both visually deter and stop high-speed vehicles as single or multiple unit installations. Offered as an ultimate protection system, and economical; the BCHx series is available for purchase in several styles, sizes, colors, and options to provide the maximum project flexibility. Our product is rated to stop a 15,000 lb. vehicle at 30, 40, or 50 mph. BCHx bollards are the superior choice for protecting life and high-value property.

We provide features such as; operate as a set or independently, fixed and removable options, precision machined anti-friction surfaces, adjustable field controls, high cycles, and long-term durability. In several instances, if the bollard system should get impacted, then you only need to replace the bollard shroud/cover, not the entire bollard and footing system, saving you money in the long run.

They contain a flexible steel core structure that is created with high technology for maximum stopping power. Upon impact, the bollard core will subtly flex, causing most of the vehicle’s energy back into the vehicle. This results in smaller shallow mount foundations, and this means that installation is easier and less expensive.  

Why Pick BBRSS?

We have experience in traffic control and perimeter security since 1925! Our customers reach out to BBRSS because we provide quality vehicle barrier solutions for managed lane applications. We are well known for offering cost-effective and reliable products.

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