B&B ARMR provides an extensive line of protective bollards that are used to secure the perimeter of a facility and for controlling vehicular access into restricted areas.  Bollards are available in fixed, removable, semi-automatic (manual) and fully automated and can be finished to enhance the look and feel of a building while providing safety and security.    


15,000 LBS 30, 40, 50 MPH


5,000 LBS @ 10, 20, 30 MPH
ASTM F3016

Bollards Provide Protection and Versatility

Defining lines of delineation between restricted and unrestricted areas can be as simple as installing a line of bollards.  Bollards are visible barriers made of
steel-pipe posts from structural grade steel and concrete reinforced for high speed, high-impact vehicle intrusions.  To help identify the selection process, bollards can be summarized into three main categories:  

High Speed Bollards, Protective Bollards, and Safety Bollards.

High Speed Bollards are required in areas of vulnerability and provide a level of protection against terroristic and criminal vehicular attacks.  These  applications typically require 3rd party testing to the latest industry standards.  In the U.S. the standard is ASTM F2656 and is based on a set vehicle type, weight
& speed. (15,000 lbs vehicle traveling at 30, 40 or 50 mph).  Common applications include DOD, Federal Buildings, Critical Infrastructure, Stadium and Data Centers. 

Protective Bollards are required in areas where there is a significant risk to pedestrian and property from vehicle impacts.  In the U.S. the standard is ASTM F3016 and is based upon a set of testing parameters at 10, 20, & 30 mph.  Common applications include storefronts, malls, transportation hubs and other populated gathering areas. 

With the numerous options available its best to speak with an expert.  The team at BBRSS can easily review your plan, make effective solution suggestions, and supply the bollards required for you project.  Contact us today at (800) 367-0387.