man unlocking iPhone with a fingerprint reader

What Is A Biometrics Identity Verification System?

Security technology has taken on many forms over the years. As our computer systems grow increasingly refined, we encounter new problems that need advanced solutions. Enter the biometric identity verification system. Like using a fingerprint system to identify workers, this digital authentication is vital for many businesses today. Biometric identity verification will become a new […]

hand typing on a computer

What Exactly Is Access Control?

Data security is one of the most critical issues any business can tackle. When a company’s success hinges on information and resources, compromised data makes everything harder. Access control is a handy tool that keeps your business information safe from malicious third parties. Not only does this feature protect your employees, it also covers your […]

two hands typing on a laptop

Identity Management Vs Access Management

The Internet is constantly bombarded with new accounts and information every day. As you can imagine, figuring out identities and access is a tricky procedure. Your business operates on a similar mentality. With the rise in cloud-based systems and the growing popularity of remote work, it’s essential to keep your data accurate. Identity management and […]