Everything You Need To Know About Security Barriers

Security barrier systems are a booming global industry. The global security barrier system market is currently worth about $7.8 billion. But it will be worth almost $12 billion by 2030.  So, what should you and your business know about crash security barriers? They are a very good security deterrent against crime. Security barriers allow you […]

construction zone in New York City

How To Prevent Theft On Construction Sites

You would be surprised at what criminals would find valuable enough to steal. Robbing cars, bank vaults, or jewelry stores can be lucrative for criminals, but they are high-risk criminal endeavors that can result in arrest, prison, or even death. But some kinds of robberies are a relatively lower opportunistic risk but can be just […]

man unlocking iPhone with a fingerprint reader

What Is A Biometrics Identity Verification System?

Security technology has taken on many forms over the years. As our computer systems grow increasingly refined, we encounter new problems that need advanced solutions. Enter the biometric identity verification system. Like using a fingerprint system to identify workers, this digital authentication is vital for many businesses today. Biometric identity verification will become a new […]

hand typing on a computer

What Exactly Is Access Control?

Data security is one of the most critical issues any business can tackle. When a company’s success hinges on information and resources, compromised data makes everything harder. Access control is a handy tool that keeps your business information safe from malicious third parties. Not only does this feature protect your employees, it also covers your […]

What Are The Different Types Of Airport Security?

The modern airport is a feat of advanced technology, skilled collaboration, and sharp timing. If just one thing goes wrong, the error will cause a ripple effect that impacts everyone. Airport security becomes tighter and tighter with each passing year. These locations are kept under strict protocols to ensure the safety of passengers and workers. […]

two hands typing on a laptop

Identity Management Vs Access Management

The Internet is constantly bombarded with new accounts and information every day. As you can imagine, figuring out identities and access is a tricky procedure. Your business operates on a similar mentality. With the rise in cloud-based systems and the growing popularity of remote work, it’s essential to keep your data accurate. Identity management and […]

A crash-tested gate preventing unauthorized access

Everything You Need to Know About Crash Test Ratings

If you look outside any secured facility, you’ve likely seen crash-rated equipment like bollards and barriers. You will find them situated near access points to serve as protection from vehicle intrusion. Some are in place to prevent vehicles from accidentally going into off-limit areas, and others can stop large vehicles from ramming into high-security areas […]

two people trying to steal a car

Things to Consider When Experiencing Auto-Theft

Crime Opportunity Theory suggests that offenders make rational choices and choose targets that offer a high reward with little risk and effort. Having the wrong security solutions in place at your business can inevitably leave your facility vulnerable and at high risk of loss.  The picture above illustrates multiple suspects using a homemade vehicle ramp […]

how to prevent burglaries

How to Prevent Burglaries Commercial & Residential Tips

All it takes is one wrong day to turn your life on its head. A burglary not only costs you thousands of dollars, it also completely damages your sense of safety.  It’s estimated one million burglaries are committed every year in the United States. These can range from extreme break-ins to minor vandalism. If you’ve […]

hotel safety & security

Top Hotel Safety and Security Tips

People come to hotels for numerous reasons. For most, it’s a place where they can stay while exploring a new corner of the globe. Others see it as a place to wind down after a long day of work and meetings. What all hotel guests have in common is expecting a reasonable amount of security […]

Smart city skyline

All You Need To Know About Smart Cities

A smart city is an urban area with a significant infrastructure linked together on a central network. The purpose of a smart city is easier data management. With these smart integrations, municipalities can better manage resources and public service to assist residents.   All systems are neatly organized on a significant network for streamlined city planning, […]

event risk: what you need to know

Event Risks: What You Need To Know

Event risk measures the likelihood of a significant unexpected event severely impacting a company, organization, or stock. It can constitute an event that hinders the smoothness or performance of a company’s operations.  Companies that want to protect themselves against these foreseen and unforeseen events can opt for event insurance coverage.  Opportunity Risk Companies need to […]

Top Driving Hazards That You Need to Be Aware Of

Top Driving Hazards That You Need to Be Aware Of

Let’s face it; driving can be dangerous. Whether you’re making a short trip to the grocery store or are driving across the state to visit a relative, there are numerous hazards along the way. Luckily, you can avoid a vast array of these hazards if you know what to look for. Continue reading below to […]

speed bumps vs speed humps

Speed Bumps vs Speed Humps: What’s The Difference

Speed bumps and speed humps offer additional safety on roadside job sites since they force drivers to slow down (or risk damaging their vehicle). However, they have distinct differences that you should know before making a purchase.  In this article, we will cover: Definition of speed bumps and speed humps Difference between speed bumps and […]

vehicle barrier guide

Everything you Need to Know About Vehicle Barriers

Whether you need to enhance security at a building or increase safety at a specific locale or job site, you will need vehicle barriers to help you achieve your goal. We will cover the different types of vehicle barriers and what they can do for you.  What Are Vehicle Barriers?  Vehicle barriers refer to any […]

common physical security threats

Common Physical Security Threats

What are physical security threats?  Whether you have an existing property or are building something brand new, physical threats should be taken seriously. Because understanding these threats allows you to prepare to handle them, it can save your company money in the long run.   But how do you approach these different threats?  BBRSS has many […]

Buyer’s Guide to Choosing A Cantilever Sliding Gate

Buyer’s Guide to Choosing A Cantilever Sliding Gate

If you need an alternative to replace your gate with, or if you need a gate period, consider installing a cantilever sliding gate. Read on to learn what a cantilever sliding gate is, what factors to consider when buying one, designs, hardware, and measurements. Related: Crash Gates What is a Cantilever sliding gate? As opposed […]

a resistance barrier

Different Resistance Barrier Technologies

Resistance barriers or bollards protect many high-risk buildings. Government institutions, military facilities, and other high-security buildings all use these barriers to protect property and control traffic. Security bollards are found in front of pedestrian plazas, bike lanes, tourist destinations, and other high-trafficked areas. Resistance barriers use different technologies to protect a space. With increased security [...]

How To Choose The Best Bollard For Your Business

Over the years, bollards have developed into an almost-essential security asset to protect businesses or save lives. Keep reading to learn what a bollard is, the different types of bollards available on the market, their purposes, and the factors to keep in mind when deciding what kind of bollard to invest in for your business. [...]
BBRSS bollard solutions for your safety

Why Use Bollards?

What is a bollard? The quick, simple definition of a bollard is a vertical post that’s short and sturdy, but that’s not very helpful, is it? A better description of a bollard is a secure post or barrier that surrounds areas like parking lots and storefronts, and they offer additional security to the property and […]

BBRSS vehicle wedge barrier for maximum security

What is a Wedge Barrier, and When is it Used?

What is a wedge barrier? A wedge vehicle barrier is one type of active vehicle barrier. They pivot from the surface of the pavement, forming a wedge shape to block the flow of traffic. This blocking fingers or plate, gets raised and lowered by electric or hydraulic systems and is done in a matter of […]

Security gate entrance

Everything You Need to Know About Different Crash Gate Systems

The world is becoming an increasingly volatile place with acts of terrorism and civil unrest. Recent acts of violence have caused destruction to property and have ended in harm to civilians and government personnel alike. In recent years, bad actors have used vehicles to breach physical barriers and cause mass damage.  Thankfully, crash gate systems [...]
Resistance barrier gates on HOV

Reversible Lanes Traffic Gate Technologies

In areas with highly congested traffic, it can be beneficial for controlling agencies to switch the direction of traffic to allow for faster traffic movement. During peak traffic times, reversible lanes can make a massive difference to those needing to get home or get to work on time. These lanes are most often changed every [...]
High-speed highway driving

How Crash Resistance Barriers Are Saving Lives

According to the US Department of transportation, 30-40% of fatal crashes occur when vehicles are run off the road. Another shocking statistic comes from 30% of all cross-median crashes ending in severe injury or fatality. These statistics have led to increased implementation of crash barriers to prevent vehicles from coming off the road or smashing [...]
testing a crash barrier

ASTM F2656 – Most Common Test Methods for Crash Testing of Vehicle Security Barriers

Perimeters of controlled areas such as embassies, factories, military bases, and others need the highest levels of security to prevent breaches. In the past, attackers have used vehicles to ram through gates and into these vulnerable areas, sometimes with deadly effects. Over time, organizations have implemented increasingly more robust perimeter security and crash gates to […]

BBRSS: Vehicle Gates used in Managed Lane Applications

Vehicle Gates used in Managed Lane Applications

Managed lanes have been around for nearly 40 years, and different types of managed lanes help solve other transportation congestion challenges. These managed lanes restrict access to a road lane depending upon traffic constraints and congestion.  Vehicle gates are an excellent management solution for areas where the population is high, and managed lanes are needed on […]

Technologies to Prevent Crashes Due to Wrong-Way Drivers

Technologies to Prevent Crashes Due to Wrong-Way Drivers

Of the 39,000 people who die in vehicle crashes every year in the United States, wrong-way drivers (WWD) account for 350 deaths, according to the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB).  However, WWD collisions generally result in severe injuries or fatalities. Because of the unusual nature of someone driving in the wrong direction, crashes are 40 times more likely to be […]

Active Warning Gates for use in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

Active Warning Gates for use in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS)

In 2018, over 4.5 million medically consulted injuries occurred on US roadways.  While this number is high, the death and injury rate is declining because Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) improve how we manage traffic and transportation. ITS provide communication and technology applications to improve our transportation system. ITS technology saves lives, reduces congestion, and improves the environmental sustainability of […]

BBRSS: How to Integrate into ITS systems

How to Integrate into ITS systems

The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) reports that driver error causes 90% of fatalities on the road. The NHTSA believes that 50,000 vehicle crashes could be avoided by leveraging Intelligent Transportation System technologies. Many states in the United States have and will integrate Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) in many high-risk areas to improve safety and transportation efficiency. […]

B & B Roadway Security Solutions: The Difference Between Passive and Active Barriers

Difference Between Passive & Active Barriers

Whether you are managing traffic flow or providing security for a government facility, there are many uses for active and passive vehicle barriers. Active and passive vehicle barriers provide safety and security for sites and assets. But what are the differences?  We’ll examine the different types of active and passive barriers and how to assess […]

vehicle barrier

Why Invest In Vehicle Barriers?

Do you need to increase your facility’s security from unauthorized vehicles? Vehicle barriers are an essential part of your site’s safety and security system. Vehicle barriers have been proven to significantly prevent crashes and protect employees, visitors, and buildings from security threats. But how do you determine which barrier is best for your facility? And is it worth the […]

Announcing New CEO, Dave Patterson

B&B Roadway and Security Solutions is pleased to announce that Dave Patterson has joined our team as our new CEO. Since our founding in 1925, along with Huron Capital’s Flex Equity fund investment in February 2018, we have been leaders in design and manufacturing of roadway safety and perimeter security products for government and commercial […]

Denver Wedge Barriers

  Wedge Barriers Denver – Highly Effective How to Stop a High-Speed Truck Instantly? Engage Your Wedge Barrier No matter how protected you believe your Denver commercial property is, it can always be improved.  Threats do not disappear.  Every industry is vulnerable, including Denver businesses and commercial facilities from industries such as stadiums, government, corporations, […]

Wedge Barriers

Wedge Barriers A large vehicle runs a checkpoint or is traveling towards your facility at a high rate of speed.  What physical security product do you have ready to deploy to stop the vehicle in its tracks?  What product can do the job and remain intact yet render a runaway vehicle inoperable the instant it […]

Drop Arm Barriers

Drop Arm Barriers You have seen them.  The arms that block a roadway, an entrance to a commercial facility, or even a military installation gate.  Horizontal arms that, when activated, either manually or automatically, rise to a vertical position allowing access. Commercial and governmental facilities need to drop arm barriers strategically positioned to increase the […]

Wedge Barriers

  Wedge Barriers A large vehicle runs a checkpoint or is traveling towards your facility at a high rate of speed.  What physical security product do you have ready to deploy to stop the vehicle in its tracks?  What product can do the job and remain intact yet render a runaway vehicle inoperable the instant […]