Benefits of Industrial Physical Security

The real concept of physical security revolves around the physical barriers to entry and protective solutions employed to stop intruders and protect customer, visitors, and employees from external threats.

Safety will always be the main priority of industrial facilities.  The safety of workers and the people living within the surrounding community.  The world of industrial security is being forced to change in response to rising global threats.  These threats are physical in nature and are intended to breach the perimeter of the facility and inflict as much damage as possible.  Preventing physical threats is the primary focus of BBRSS and our team of experts is ready to help.  Designing, installing, and implementing a physical security plan correctly has several benefits.

  • Reduction in Risks
  • Mitigation of Threats
  • Increased Asset Protection and Preparedness
  • Earlier and Effective Incident Detection
  • Improved Physical Barrier Response Activation during Abnormal Situations
  • Quicker Lockdown Activation and Completion
  • Physical Security Products that Blend in or Complement Environment
  • Improved Traffic and Pedestrian Control
  • Improved Exposed Asset Protection
  • Increased Productivity Due to an Increased Sense of Safety

Approaching industrial physical security without a plan will result in a fragmented effort and severely limits the effectiveness of products implemented. To make sure all areas of risk are considered, a full valid vulnerability assessment should be completed, and expert consultation, such as BBRSS, is advised.  Taking this approach will ensure your industrial physical security is operating at optimal level.

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