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Austin covers a large area of Central Texas, and the favorable business climate is ideal for thriving businesses in various industries; however, threats to their safety regrettably remain.  These businesses and commercial facilities come from industries such as stadiums, government (federal, state, and local), corporations, airports, and more.  Every company operating these facilities should have a physical security plan in operation covering every scenario and should include adequate physical security products, from BBRSS, designed for every threat potential.  Does your facility have secure areas with restricted vehicle access?  Does the restricted access area have a wedge barrier specifically designed to activate and neutralize vehicular threats immediately?  Is the barrier rated for impacts with vehicles of any size and weight traveling at a high rate of speed?  Wedge Barriers Austin.  To make sure, contact BBRSS today and let us look into providing the right wedge barrier for your Austin facility, inspecting, or repairing your wedge barrier.  The security of your building starts with the physical security products designed specifically for preventing unauthorized access and acts of vehicular violence.(800) 367-0387.

Austin Protection – Wedge Barrier Rating

Austin physical security plans and procedures are designed and enacted to protect numerous points of vulnerability.  Restricted access areas have a gate installed and rated for impacts, but sometimes that is not enough to stop the bigger, heavier vehicles.  Wedge barriers residing in their foundational housing out of sight can be rapidly activated when a threat arises.  Every vehicle impacting the wedge barrier once activated will stop immediately, and the risk will be defused.  That is the level of security product design that BBRSS customers have come to expect.

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Industry Applications for Wedge Barriers – Austin

Wedge barriers are expertly installed and used to neutralize threats across a variety of industries and applications but primarily for the protection of vulnerable access points in Austin.   The potential security applications for wedge barriers include but are not limited to guard gates, secured entrances, parking lot entrances, and more.  Here are some of the industries where installing wedge barriers makes sense:

Austin Wedge Barriers

BBRSS was founded on integrity and reliability and has used their experience and dedication to address the physical safety and many threats of Austin facilities.   Our team of top-notch and industry best engineers designed our remarkable Wedge Barriers to be unmatched and provide a feasible solution for restricted area protective access and threat neutralization.  Vulnerable restricted access points are targets for people with malicious intent, and the protection of assets, personnel, and visitors requires vigilant attention.  The installation of high-quality wedge barriers that have multiple operational and power options will help accomplish your security goals.

Call BBRSS today or complete our secure online form.  One of our experienced wedge barrier experts will reach back out to you to help with any questions you may have and provide valuable information. (800) 367-0387.

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