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You’re in charge of putting together the physical security plan for your building.  One of the scenarios you need to consider is a vehicle going full speed at a vulnerable area.  What method do you need to employ to stop the vehicle before it can do major damage and harm?  In Austin, office buildings, facilities, and government buildings have discovered the first line of defense benefits of bollards. If you look closely at the main entrance of the Texas State Capital Building and you will see bollards strategically located to keep vehicles from coming anywhere near the entrance. Bollards are all over the grounds of the capital building and government offices providing protection and directing traffic as needed.  A separation between vehicles and pedestrians is very apparent.  All across Austin, bollards of all different types, designs, and sizes are employed for protection and traffic control.  Think of a scenario and a good security planner with the help of an expert company, such as BBRSS, will have the right security product in place ensuring the protection of both employees and customers. (800)367-0387

Design and Installation of Austin Bollards

Bollards, what are they? A pillar or post, usually consisting of a metal pipe anchored in concrete and then filled with concrete, placed near building corners, loading docks, entrance doors, and gas pumps in order to protect them from vehicles; may be left natural, painted, or covered with plastic bollard covers. As vehicles increase in weight and power, bollard installation and design has been required to adapt to meet the demand.  Bollards can be classified into two basic groups.  Bollards designed to be flexible and intended for traffic control, also known as low speed bollards, in one group.  The other group high speed bollards are designed to protect buildings and pedestrian zones by slowing or stopping a vehicle immediately causing substantial damage.  

Bollards Functions in Austin

Bollards are typically installed with one or more functions in mind as dictated by the physical security plan.

  • Pedestrian Protection
  • Traffic Control
  • Construction
  • Vulnerable Building Component Protection
  • Ram-Raid Applications
  • Terrorist Prevention
  • Bicycle Parking
  • Asset Protection

As the industry leader in bollard design, installation, and maintenance, BBRSS is extremely prepared to assist your team in making bollards a part of your security plan and ensuring you have the right ones for every scenario and function.  Have you considered the other things that go into deciding what bollard to use, for your Austin building?

  • Budget
  • Materials beyond Steel and Concrete to be used
  • Special Requirements: removable, retractable, or permanent
  • Environment
  • Rating

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If you contact us at (800)367-0387 or fill out our quick and easy contact form, one of our Austin professionals can help you in determining which bollard design is right for your physical security needs. Call today and make sure you are installing the right bollard.

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